Warranty Policy

Perfonmance Millwork & Garage Doors
Warranty Registration

Perfonmance Millwork & Garage Doors (Seller) warrants to the original purchaser of the Perfonmance Millwork & Garage Doors residential garage door(s) that the door(s) will be free of defect(s) in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase, subject to all terms and conditions hereof. This guarantee does not cover the glass or the door(s) decorative hardware(s). 



The Seller's obligation under this guarantee is explicitly limited to repairing or replacing any portion of the door(s) that the Seller determines to be defective during the warranty period, at its discretion.

Garage doors from Perfonmance Millwork & Garage Doors require careful finishing and attention both before and after installation. The guarantee will be void if the finishing and care instructions are not followed. Paint Grade door parts must be painted with one coat of exterior grade primer and a high quality exterior grade paint on both front and back sides. Stain grade doors must be stained on both the front and back sides with a high quality exterior grade oil based stain and a high quality exterior oil based sealer applied according to the manufacturer's instructions.


 This warranty does not cover damage caused by exposure to weather prior to being painted with the steps listed above. Some splitting and cracking is a natural property of wood. On sanded doors, all nail holes are closed to prevent moisture from entering the nails. Some of the filler may somewhat pop up from the holes due to the expanding and contracting of wood components (this is a normal occurrence). This can be fixed by sanding and refinishing (which is part of the required maintenance).This is not a manufacturer's defect, and therefore is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.


Further attention to the door(s) is required after installation. The door(s) must be protected from excessive sun exposure. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by failure to do so.


This warranty does not cover any door(s) that have been altered or repaired by someone who is not authorized to do so by Perfonmance Millwork & Garage Doors. This guarantee does not cover any door(s) or component(s) that have been damaged or deteriorated as a result of misuse, accident, inadequate finishing, or failure to perform routine maintenance.


You have specific legal rights under this warranty, and you may also have other rights that differ by state.